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Student Support


Our School established various channels to assist students in their personal growth and development:

Advice and Care

Student Affairs

Mentors from

Mentorship Scheme

Academic Advisor


A two-level Academic Advisor System was implemented by the University in 2012-13. Every student is assigned to an Academic Advisor (Level I Advisor) who meets with the students at least once an academic year for purposes of general supervision such as course selection, guided study, adaptation to University learning modes and disciplinary fundamentals, etc. Academic Advisors also provide a basic level of pastoral care to foster students’ personal growth. If the students need further assistance, they will be referred to Level II Advisor.


Cohort Coordinator


In addition to Academic Advisory System implemented by the University in 2012, a cohort coordinator system was introduced for undergraduate programmes of our School in 2016 to maintain continuous rapport with students throughout their 4-year studies. A cohort coordinator will follow the year cohort until the students graduated from the University. Similar to the mechanism of Academic Advisory System, the cohort coordinators work together with academic level II advisors to provide students with extra support or refer students to external services. Regular official Teacher-and-Student gatherings will be organised to facilitate the communication between Cohort Coordinators and all cohort members.

List of Cohort Coordination in 2018-19:


Mentorship Programme 


Students will be invited to join the Mentorship Programme which provides a valuable opportunity for establishing network, exposure to diverse perspectives, and career development.

Mentorship Programme 2019 is recruiting Mentors and Mentees until 20 Feb 2019.


Learning Enhancement


Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)

PASS is a program where students work together to consolidate understanding, reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies. Each session is facilitated by PASS Leaders: students who have excelled in the course in the past.

Scholarship and Financial Aid 


Our School and University offer a number of awards and scholarships to recognise and encourage students who have demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding performance in other areas, such as creativity, community services and leadership. [Read More]