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BSc in Public Health


BSc in Public Health







Career Development of Graduates in Recent Years

Examples of Job offers for BSc in Public Health graduates: 



  • Executive Assistant

  • Executive Officer


Private industry

  • Administrative Assistant in health care center

  • Graduate Trainee in pharmaceutical company

  • Regulatory Affairs Associate in pharmaceutical company

Non-Governmental Organisations & Academics 

  • Assistant Prevention Officer

  • Management Trainee

  • Project Assistant

  • Research Assistant


Some career paths that you may choose in public health include:

  • Health finance, administration, and management in hospitals, clinics, and other health care settings;

  • Health regulation and law enforcement in government agencies and departments;

  • Health education and advocacy in a variety of non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), non-profits, and international aide agencies;

  • Policy development and project leadership in government departments, international think tanks, international organisations, etc.;

  • Research and development of new ideas and findings in areas such as environmental health, infectious disease, or occupational health at academic institutions and other high-profile research organisations;

  • Teaching at secondary schools, universities, and other academic institutions;

  • Leading community outreach and volunteer activities that promote healths;

  • Others 

Alumni Sharing

HUI Ka Long Aaron

BSc in Public Health Graduate

The BSc Public Health programme has nurtured me with holistic public health knowledge from various disciplines.  My practicum in the Infection Control Branch of Center for Health Protection arranged by the School enabled me to gain some preliminary experiences of applying theories in real-life scenarios. I was given opportunities to assist in the training for health workers in elderly homes and conduct focus groups for an effectiveness evaluation programme.

I currently work in the Non-communicable Disease Division of the Department of Health and offer executive support to the Division’s surveillance, strategies and programmes against non-communicable diseases.  With the public health knowledge equipped by the programme and the experiences acquired from the practicum, I am grateful to join my colleagues from different backgrounds in the battle against non-communicable diseases.


BSc in Public Health Graduate

The four years spent in Public Health programme is fruitful and fun. Public Health people are keen to share ideas and work as a team. With the support of our department, we can always take proactive steps to implement our health promotional ideas in the real setting. Through the mentorship and internship program, I expanded my network, gained a precious chance to work in a world famous company and acquired valuable insights about public health related positions in the government, NGOs and private sectors. I am now responsible for promoting safety devices and providing trainings among medical staff and students in Hospitals. Those experiences during my study qualified me to secure this promising and challenging job in the medical devices field.

Ha Wai Tsz Winnie

BSc in Public Health Graduate

With the outbreak of SARS, H5N1 swept through Hong Kong and around the world, public health awareness is increasingly becoming important. Indeed, doctors and nurses provide medical services to individuals while public health professionals play equally important role in preventing the onset of diseases through various aspects from health education to health policies making in the community. 

Public health curriculum not only equipped me with a sound foundation from biomedical knowledge to the perspectives of health promotion and protection, but also provided experiential learning opportunities which offered me a lens of humanities to glance through community health in a different way. I could never forget my first health promotion trip which made a big impression on me to rural China. It was a treasurable experience from which tailor-made health materials were designed for ethnic minority community. Despite all different backgrounds in the team, we worked hard to achieve the common goals of practicing public health in the field. 

I am now working in an NGO (Non- governmental organisation) for health promotion and protection where I am able to march forward with my passion and dedication in protecting health for all.

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