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BSc in Public Health


BSc in Public Health







Public Health is…


'The science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society.’    ~Sir Donald Acheson (United Kingdom)


‘What we as a society do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy’

 ~Institute of Medicine (United States)



At the vanguard of public health education, the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Faculty of Medicine has designed the first public health undergraduate programme in Hong Kong, Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc in Public Health). It provides students who have an interest in public health with valuable insight into population health issues. Concepts students can expect to grasp include the social determinants of health, environmental impact on health, healthy lifestyles, public health law and ethics, biostatistics and epidemiology fundamentals, emergency preparedness and disaster response, infectious diseases, and health services reform.


The curriculum of the BSc in Public Health Programme begins with Faculty Package courses, to let all students within the Faculty of Medicine share a largely common experience and gain broad exposure to related disciplines. Start from the second year, students take foundation courses in public health which include health ethics; public health methods and theories; and courses on contemporary health issues. In the later part of the programme, students acquire more advanced and in-depth knowledge of three domains of public health. This programme is benchmarked against world-class universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.



BSc in Public Health Process Model

BSc in Public Health Process Model

Course List

BSc in Public Heath Course List

Experiential Learning

Induction Programme

Students will participate in site visits that cover government sectors, private sectors and non-governmental organisations to explore the students’ perspective on professional public health practices.

Visit to St. Paul’s Hospital
Visit to Centre for Health Protection
Visit to Mental Health Association
Visit to Hospital Authority

Research Project and Practicum

Students are requested to complete 100 hours of field work and a research project based on the chosen field of interest with the guidance of a supervisor. It is an essential experience which develops student’s understanding, analytical and researching skills as well as critical thinking in a particular subject.

SPHPC - Research


Career Development of Graduates in Recent Years

Student and Alumni Sharing

TAM Ka Wing

Year 4, BSc in Public Health Student (JUPAS)

Previously, I was under an impression that this programme is all about health promotion through designing posters, producing videos, etc. However, in my studies, I realised that the programme also involve more advanced knowledge and skills like health system analysis and evidence-based research. Therefore, the discipline is much more complex and interesting than I expected.

In this programme, we are offered various experiencial learning opportunities like public health practicums, site visits, overseas internship and exchange programmes. These opportunities are crucial for us to explore our career goals and sharpen our competitive edge.

The research experience impressed me the most. With the knowledge and skills acquired from this programme, we were able to conduct a public health study on our own and contribute to human health before graduation. Now, I am confident in taking the challenge to improve human health.

LEE Hoi Ling

Year 3, BSc in Public Health Student (Non - JUPAS)

Public health is a broad discipline which allows us to explore various fields based on my interests. Public health study does not only nurture global and local perspectives on health issues, but it also promotes self-development.

I joined in the Xian environmental field trip this summer. Apart from learning about current pollution problems and corresponding strategies in China, we also visited the landfill and sludge treatment plants to explore local management skills and the latest technologies. I also facilitated games in the Fun Science Carnival to promote public awareness of the importance of appropriate use of antibiotics and the concept of antibiotics resistance. These experiences enriched my U life and equipped me for my future career all at the same time.

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